Monday, July 16, 2007

Derailed by Railways!

Passengers taken for a ride in a Train in Tamil Nadu; sub-standard services touch a new low in customer service.

Train No. 2690
Train Name: Nagerkovil - Chennai Special Train (Tamil Nadu)
Date of Journey: 15th July/ 16th July 2007

1. No Water Supply in many compartments all through the journey
2. No tap in the wash-basin

3. A cut, hanging pipe in the toilet

4. Poorly maintained, stinking toilets below basic standards of service

Frustrated passengers raise the issue with the TTR - get to know more of skeletons.

5. The Train is actually on the way to the Service Yard for repairs to Chennai - it was NOT supposed to be a Passenger Train.

6. The Train is labelled "Super Fast" and passengers are charged Rupee 20/- more than the regular fare.

7. Train Name/ Passenger list never displayed outside the bogies.

Passengers lodge complaint at Salem with the Station Master; the station master is non-committal and refuses any action. Passengers decide to pull the chain and stop the train at Salem to bring the issue to the notice of the authorities.

8. Three chains pulled - one after the other. NONE OF THE EMERGENCY CHAINS WORKED!

9. The "Super Fast" train, scheduled to arrive at Chennai by 11 am, arrives at 1:40 pm - delayed by more than 2 and a half hours.
10. Formal complaints to be lodged. SIgnatures of passengers have been secured in the complaint. Complaint is to be addressed to:
A. The General Manager,
Southern Railways,
B. Chairman,
Railway Board,
New Delhi
C. Mr Laloo Prasad Yadav,
Railway Minister

Railways have been taunted as fetching increasing revenues. Where do the revenues go? How low will the Railways stoop?

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