Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Railways responds - and How!

That was the letter I got today from the Railways in response to my complaint - that made me, for once, think things weren't all that bad in the country after all! Munnabhai had just been awarded with the sentence and here is Railways responding to my complaint (Read the previous post: "Derailed by Railways!" at http://clearway.blogspot.com/2007/07/derailed-by-railways.html . And as in most cases of unfounded mirth, my joy was short-lived as well!

1. My Complaint was dated: 17 July 2007
The Acknowledgement was dated: 20 July 2007
Acknowledgement was signed on: 25 July 2007.
Why would it take FIVE days for a simple signature on an Acknowledgement letter to a complaint?
2. The Acknowledgement was signed by one Mr B Nageswara Rao, Joint Director, Public Grievences Cell.
Why would an Acknowledgement to a complaint wait for a signature from the Joint Director? Should an acknowledgement require a signature at all? Could a Receiving Clerk not dispatch the letter?
3. The Subject Line of the Letter reads: Complaint against TTE and other matters
Excuse me? Was my complaint against the TTE and "Other matters"? It was no ordinary matter that a train ran without water in its compartments, that it was actually supposed to be going for the repair yard and was never meant to carry passengers, that there were only two TTE's for the train while there were supposed to be 1 per every two compartments, that we raised the water issue at a Railway Station with the Station Master and he refused to act, that the Emergency Chains in the chain did not work!
My complaint was against Criminal Negligence of Responsibility that was capable of causing fatal damage to passengers!
And now, my complaint includes: Gross neglect shown by Mr B Nageshwara Rao, Joint Director, Public Grievences Cell, Southern Railways! My complaint was illustrative with photographs and with details. To sign on a letter mechanically without realising the seriousness of the issues in the relevant complaint is not what a Joint Director is in his seat for!
The issue has already been taken up for action. You may keep a track of events at http://www.orkut.com/CommMsgs.aspx?cmm=32867446&tid=2543872394603724491&start=1

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