Thursday, September 11, 2008

The "Small Bang", the Big Bang and the "Bigger Bang"

Will the world be consumed? Will the Galaxy be sucked into the black hole? Can the World survive this Wednesday?
We all like to be fascinated with science and fiction. Science is fascinated with imagination unlimited. Fiction has always loved science. Lethal combination - science and fiction. But lethal is attraction. Not that every attraction is lethal.
Cut the crap. Not just in the blog, but in science as well. Hey folks, you seem to have come of age! All set to find out the origins of the Universe, eh? Very clever. But you chose the wrong place, boys! Origins of the Uinverse in a, ahem, laboratory? (Officially, this set of experiments has been dubbed the "Small Bang"!). And that too dug up in a hole! Seriously, give me a buzz when you have found out your origins. Nah, Im not interested in the origins. But your discoveries and theories and theses running into reams will sure catch the press. Press people are hungry for news anyway. Whatever you may come up with, you sure would have given them fodder.
And here come the next set of entertainers- the Doomsday Theorists. And they predict that one black hole will swallow the world and bellow so loudly that a new Universe will have formed from the sound waves that emanate from the just formed black hole! Good for scientists. They can then conduct new experiments in the old world about how the new world formed and where it is located. Im sure the next set of experiments (Dubbed the "Small Bang 2") would be conducted in space of the old world. Ofcourse man, scientists too grow up the learning curve. How long do you think they would keep themselves dug up in a chamber shooting particles against the walls and playing with them?
But we were talking of the Doomsday Theorists now! They are one real bunch of jokers who forgot to wear their brains the day they started predicting. Cant blame them either. They are jokers and their roles are to entertain. So, every other day, they predict the end of the Universe - sometimes through some catastrophe, some times inside some black holes. Poor chaps. But even if the world got consumed in a black hole, we could still make a living there. I wonder if there would be sunlight there. But who knows, perhaps the black hole appears black only from the outside, but from the inside, it could be one nice paradise with 3 moons and lots of rainbows and half the sun at double the distance from the earth! Trust me, even laymen like me have imagination. Perhaps, not as much as the scientists who are trying to replicate the split second after the Big Bang though.
But what I say, people, why dont you start from the very beginning? Why start from the Big Bang? There must have been a "Bigger Bang" a few more billion years earlier that gave birth to the creators of the present Universe. I suggest you go to the previous episodes before you discuss the Big Bang. Try recreating the "Bigger Bang". To be safe, dig yourselves a few more hundred metres deeper into the earth and seal your ways up. With the replica of the Bigger Bang, so much energy would be produced that you would either be propelled up to the surface at the completion of your games or you may never have to come up at all - a new world may be created right inside our own world! Anything is a possibility, you see?

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