Thursday, October 30, 2008

Change Starts Here!

Clearway was Reborn on the 22nd of May, 2008 as the "Renaissance". And there was just one promise: Change!
Change is going to be the Future. Change is Positive. Change is Realistic. Change is constant. Change takes Time!
Let's not talk of how bad we are. We all know we need to change. We all see how things we see are. We do not see mere fumes, we see the fire as it is - raging! What's the point in describing the fire? What's the fun in predicting its course, or analysing its history, or fuming about it? It's in a rage, and any amount of talking is irrelevant. Those who describe become commentators; those who predict become wizards; those who analyse become historians. The fire keeps raging, lashing out on all that it touches, creating ash out of the already rotten. To talk is cowardice, blatant escapism.
To do is not easy. It could have been, if we were dealing with a spark. It might have been, if we all saw the future together. To do something to undo the damage is to stop the boulder rolling down the hill. To deal with the present as it is will only crush the brave heart. The need of the hour is more than a mere 'brave heart'!
I am here to talk. I know irony announces its presence there. But the fact is, I am here only to talk. Because, the future has not yet arrived. The boulder has not travelled the distance yet. And I'm not a 'brave heart' to get crushed under the unrelenting force. I would rather not be one.
Undoing the past carnage and rectifying the present mistake can happen only in the future. So, I'm not bothered about the past. I'm not going to talk of the present. I'm going to talk of what it would take to make the future! So that when the future becomes our present, we have what it takes to tackle the bull - by its horns. And I wouldn't mind getting curshed or being torn apart then. At least, I would not have the repentance of having been a mere "Brave Heart"!
Let's wait for the future. Till then, Let's Talk!

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