Thursday, February 25, 2010

Carlton Tower Tragedy - We Need No Terrorists!

The Carlton Towers tragedy demonstrates the level of preparedness that our emergency response services are in. If fire services are ill-equipped in a city like Bangalore, that states enough of the state of affairs! - Facebook

The Home Minister

We hear politicians talking of deterrents against terrorism. Mr P Chidambaram, Honorable Home Minister, you say India is only as vulnerable as any other nation in the world! Sounds good to hear, Sir, but to think that our emergency services are planning to bring in state of the art equipment only after a group of people jumped to their deaths from atop a multi-storied building in the IT City of Bangalore doesn't talk of vulnerability in the system. This is a gaping hole that is broadly termed complacence, where we are not yet ready to meet a contingency that may arise in the heart of the city.

There is a problem with the basics, at a very fundamental level where things are taken for granted. So, you may not yet pat your own back for having averted terror strikes, citing the number of bombs that did no go off. The fact is that there are no bombs needed to kill people en masse' in India. All it takes is a short circuit in a high rise building, and our emergency crew would turn into mute spectators with no proper equipment at their disposal to watch people drop dead, live and exclusive!

We need an overhaul, a shake up of the system and we need our politicians and bureaucrats to wake up from their slumberous delusions. Mr Chidambaram, could you please make that happen?

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