Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Different Format - One More Step

I am guilty as charged - I have not been regular at my blogs. But then, what do I state of a country that is buried deep in a mess of its own creation? And what's the point in lamenting on and on, if we have nothing to do about it? Is blogging going to change the world?

Nevertheless, since these are questions that should have been asked before I decided to blog, let me not ask them now, a good few years since I posted my views at Clearway.

Clearway was not meant to be stopped - so, it shall go on. But there would be changes. Since everyone talks of social media these days, Clearway would heed to the trend that rocks the cyberspace hard! Clearway would, from now on, feature what I have to say about what I see around me, in two other places on the World Wide Web - Twitter and Facebook.

In effects, there may be posts as per the regular standards that Clearway has featured till date, but the majority of the posts in here would be extracts from my Twitter account and from my Facebook page. Why so? Well, it basically is much easier to be on Twitter and Facebook - and I feel there is much more to be done to the state of affairs than just posting on blogs and boasting of verbal skills (is there anything more to blogs than words?)

Well, as someone said, "Words are worthless - because, actions speak, anyway!". But if words can bring about some action in the long run, may be, words are not all that worthless after all!

Welcome to the first post of the New Year on Clearway - and there will be more!

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